Zevan and Davidson Law Firm Articles Woman Charged With Nursing Home Abuse After a Woman Died In Her Care

Woman Charged With Nursing Home Abuse After a Woman Died In Her Care

By David Zevan  Jul. 17, 2013 12:33p

While it may seem like nursing home abuse is everywhere, the truth is that the majority of nursing home abuse cases will go unreported. Sadly this means that there are many elderly patients who are abused or neglected on a regular basis and the abuse is allowed to continue, meaning they experience pain and suffer at the hands of those who are supposed to provide care. Additionally, others are put at risk when abuse goes unreported because it allows abusers to continue to abuse. Caregivers who have taken advantage of the elderly or have not met care requirements are likely to continue this pattern of behavior.

A woman in California who cared for the elderly in her own home for seventeen years, was recently charged with abusing those she cared for. When one of the patients she cared for, an 88-year-old woman, died while in her care, the woman was charged with a felony. The woman had been caring for the patient for almost five years, but was allegedly not providing quality care. Because the standard of care was not met the elderly patient developed serious bedsores that ultimately became so severe they lead to her death.

The woman is facing serious criminal charges and was cited over forty times since 1996 for violating state and federal caregiving rules. Still, it took this recent death before charges were brought against her, though the abuses she was cited for over the years were incredibly serious and indicated that those in her care were in danger. This case shows that even with state and federal monitoring, family members need to be involved whenever possible, because whether or not someone will be held accountable for their actions cannot be left up to chance.

Oftentimes by the time the state steps in it is too late. This woman was cited many times, investigations noted her many deficiencies and abuses, calling her actions “deliberate and reckless,” but until a woman died, no one stepped in to intervene.

When you entrust the care of an elderly family member or loved one to the care of another individual, private care, or a nursing home, it is crucial that you are aware of the conditions they are living in, are familiar with the individuals who are providing care, and monitor the care. Some facilities allow cameras to be installed in residents’ rooms, if a caregiver comes into the home to provide care, this type of monitoring is an option as well. But if you cannot use cameras to monitor the care that your loved one is receiving, the best case scenario is that you or someone you trust or someone you employ can regularly visit the facility to see the level of care that is being provided.

Looking for signs of abuse like bedsores, bruises, and falls, usually indicate neglect. Bedsores are almost always preventable when an individual is receiving the right amount of care and attention, so the presence of these may indicate that something is wrong. Caregivers who allow bedsores to develop and become serious need to be held responsible.

Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Civil and criminal charges can be brought against those who abuse and neglect the elderly. Uncovering abuse is extremely important in getting justice and making sure that it does not continue to happen in the future. Families who have been victimized by abusers, should contact a nursing home abuse attorney and look into filing a lawsuit and recovering compensation for the abuse and any injuries that have occurred.

The good news is that more attention is being paid to this widespread issue and making sure that those who perpetrate abuses are punished and atone for their crimes.

Contact an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer. They will help you hold those resposible for any abuse that may have occurred.

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