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Oklahoma Law Allowing Nursing Home Residents To Have Cameras In Rooms

By Kevin Davidson  Jun. 21, 2013 9:25a

A Texas law that allows for cameras in the homes of nursing home residents in order to protect them from abuse and negligence, theft, and other infractions has been in place for several years. The law is called Authorized Electronic Monitoring and was passed in 2002. Every resident has the right to have cameras in their room if they or their family members choose to do so. This way family members can monitor the care that the resident receives even when they are not physically present. This is an option that every resident of an assisted living facility in Texas has had since the law passed.

The executive director at The Cottages at Quail Creek, says that the option for cameras is "For peace of mind for the family members, and also one more way to protect against abuse and neglect." Surprisingly though, she says that few actually choose to have cameras installed in their rooms. During her career she has never seen a camera actually installed and thinks this is because family members trust the facilities they are entrusting the care of their loved ones to or they would not leave them there. Yet abuses do occur, and are unpredictable. While residents of understaffed facilities experience more abuse and neglect, it can happen anywhere and any protection against abuse is in the best interest of your loved one.

In an attempt to curb abuse and neglect in their nursing homes, Oklahoma is trying to pass the same law. The law is already through the Senate and it will go to the House next.

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on things when you have a family member or loved one living in a nursing home. Many cases of abuse go unreported for lengthy periods of time or are never uncovered because residents cannot advocate for themselves or have tried and failed. Many family members are unable to be physically present at the home on a regular basis and rely on the nursing home to report to them regarding any changes in health or condition. When nursing homes fail to do so, by the time family members discover the truth, it is oftentimes too late. Cameras are a great way to have some peace of mind and to know that your loved one is receiving the best care possible.

Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If your family member or loved one has experienced nursing home abuse, contact a nursing home abuse attorney at the Zevan and Davidson Law Firm at (314) 588-7200. The reason that abuses continue is because there has not been enough consequences for facilities that perpetrate abuse. It is imperative for the protection of your loved one and other residents that abusers be held responsible for their actions. An experiencednursing home abuse attorney will be able to evaluate your case and help you to file civil charges against the home and/or staff members who victimized your family member.

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