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Ohio Nursing Home Placed On Federal Watch List for Nursing Home Abuse

By Kevin Davidson  May. 9, 2013 9:00a

Nursing home facilities are supposed to provide excellent care and support for individuals who are no longer able to live on their own and need extra attention. Because elderly residents are so vulnerable, it is heartbreaking to hear the accounts of how some facilities allow for such terrible abuses.

After three separate inspections last year, a nursing home in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been added to the federal watch list for nursing home abuses. In a recent investigation investigators uncovered evidence that The East Galbraith Health Care Center in Deer Park failed to protect one of its residents from sexual abuse and showed twice as many deficiencies as the national average.

An elderly woman with dementia was allegedly sexually abused some time last year by a male resident of the facility. The male resident also suffered from dementia. Somehow the man was able to discover the pass code to the woman’s living area, which allowed him to enter the area and abuse the woman. The man is no longer a resident of the nursing home.

This incident as well as others, has put the facility on the federal watch list. One patient was not given her medication because the facility did not have registered nurses on duty as it was supposed to at all times.

The facility’s administrator says that he believes the facility has improved dramatically in the past year and no longer deserves to be a part of the watch list.

The federal watch list is a list of facilities that have been cited for abuses and needs to be watched with careful attention because residents are at risk. The facility will be closely regarded and hopefully some of the issues can come to a resolution. In addition to extra scrutiny, nursing homes on the watch list are subject to further inspections and can hopefully develop a plan to improve the quality of life of residents and the quality of care they receive.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Victims and their families have the right to find a nursing home abuse lawyer and file for civil damages. If you suspect abuse is occurring at a facility, immediately report it. You should also contact a personal injury lawyer who can help to investigate and prove the facility is in the wrong.

It is extremely important to monitor the care that family members and loved ones receive when they are unable to advocate and care for themselves. A nursing home abuse attorney can help families recover damages and hold a facility responsible when it has perpetrated abuses against one of its vulnerable residents.

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