Zevan and Davidson Law Firm Articles Nursing Home Staff Accused Of Neglect After Several Residents Die

Nursing Home Staff Accused Of Neglect After Several Residents Die

By David Zevan  Apr. 15, 2013 11:36a

A second death occurred in a Minneapolis nursing home where attempts were not made to resuscitate the resident. A report was released in February which showed evidence of neglect and failure on the part of staff to give attention to a resident in distress.

When a man at a Minneapolis nursing home had trouble breathing, talking, and blinking, employees called in another staff member to help. However, the person who was called in did not perform CPR. This staff member was fired after an investigation took place by the Benedictine Health Center. It was also found that he had failed to contact the resident’s doctor after the resident experienced a separate health incident.

The CEO of the facility says in a written statement that he does not want to speculate how the situation would have turned out if CPR had been performed, but that after doing an investigation, the facility’s policies regarding this case were all in order.

Another investigation of a Waconia facility had similar findings. A woman died after resuscitation procedures were not attempted. An employee was called to respond to the woman's room after she was found unresponsive on a toilet. The employee was stated to have been tired and not thinking clearly at the time and did not try to revive the woman.

The woman's son has said that his mother was not ready to die and that she and her family had specifically told the nursing home to perform resuscitation if necessary, but those wishes were not followed. He said, “They don’t treat a person’s life like it means anything, ” he said. “They get so used to death. It’s an everyday occurrence. They don’t treat it like anything unusual.”

The director of the Health Department unit that investigates these cases and others says that these actions are a form of neglect, but are not considered as causing the deaths. She says that workers who fail to follow resuscitation procedures can be investigated for neglect, because unless the resident or family specifies that they do not want these procedures performed, it is required. In both of these investigations, the nursing home facilities were not held responsible for the neglect, rather just the staff members who failed to act in accordance with their duties.

Stop Nursing Hpme Abuse Today

When nursing home residents experience abuse or neglect, a nursing home abuse attorney should be contacted and the health department should be notified. Residents deserve to be protected and to be well-taken care of by the facilities they reside in. When emergency care is needed, or when residents need to be taken to a hospital and these needs are ignored it can lead to serious health crises or even death.

If you or a loved one has experienced abuse or neglect at a nursing home or care facility, report the abuse immediately so that an investigation can take place, and contact a nursing home abuse attorney who can help to assess your case.

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