Zevan and Davidson Law Firm Articles Jury Awards $90.5 Million To Family Of Nursing Home Abuse Victim

Jury Awards $90.5 Million To Family Of Nursing Home Abuse Victim

By David Zevan  Jul. 1, 2013 2:06p

In 2010 a man filed the nursing home abuse lawsuit on behalf of his 87-year-old mother, against Manor Care Inc., Heartland Employment Services LLc, HCR Manor Care Services Inc., and Health and Retirement Corporation of America LLC. The man alleged that his mother was the victim of severe nursing home abuse and neglect and that the severe dehydration she experienced eventually led to her death. Because of the serious dehydration, she had to be sent to hospice, and she died several weeks later.

The jury heard the case and determined that the nursing home failed to meet the state and federal obligation that it had to care for the woman, and that the home was responsible for committing ordinary and medical negligence, and was in violation of fiduciary responsibilities described in the Nursing Home Act. The Kanawha County judge decided that the normal cap for damages would only apply to part of this case. Therefore, the jury’s decision that family of the nursing home abuse victim would be awarded $80 million for the abuses of the nursing home and its misconduct and $11 million for the woman's death.

Heartland argued that the death certificate for the woman stated her cause of death to be dementia, not dehydration.

Both sides argued about whether caps should apply, with the defense arguing that the verdict should be reduced because a portion of it did not fall under the Medical Professional Liability Act.

Attorneys for the nursing home had argued that the judge was mistaken in allowing a verdict that did not ask whether each defendant was individually liable. "The statute explicitly requires the jury to answer questions about the specific liability of each defendant," the statement read.

The defense also argued that the victim’s daughter, was included in the award but was not a party in the suit. But the plaintiff’s attorney argued that the money would be going to the victim’s children anyway, and that it should not have to be specified that it goes to the estate.

The facility appealed the decision of the first trial. The nursing home facility had appealed the initial decision and said that the first trial erred in determining the amount of financial damages. But the family's nursing home abuse attorney blocked the appeal, successfully showing that the damages that were awarded were for two separate counts, falling under the Medical Professional Liability Act, and the circuit judge denied the appeal.

The case is now headed to the West Virginia Supreme Court.

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