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Bed Sores as A Sign Of Nursing Home Neglect

By Kevin Davidson  May. 29, 2013 10:35a

Bedsores can be easy to overlook but they can actually be a sign of abuse or neglect. Bedsores occur when there is constant pressure to the skin and can go down to the bone if they become serious enough. This can easily lead to infection or sepsis, which in turn can lead to death.

Bedsores, also known as pressure sores or decubitus ulcers, are a serious health concern, and because nursing home residents are usually fairly sedentary, they are especially at risk for developing sores. The CDC has reported that approximately 1 in 10 nursing home residents have bedsores. Hips, tailbone, back, elbows, heels, and ankles are common areas where bedsores occur because these are areas where pressure is fairly constant when a person is lying down or seated for long periods of time.

Sores can also be caused by other factors like dehydration, malnutrition, immobility, moisture from unchanged diapers or wet sheets, etc. Many residents at nursing home facilities are immobile and unable to change position frequently on their own. In these cases bedsores can develop quickly and residents need staff to change their positioning so that sores can be prevented. Because all of these factors can contribute to the development of bedsores, it is not far fetched to suspect neglect if you notice bedsores on your family member or loved one. It is important to check skin regularly and be on the lookout for sores or other signs of neglect.

Sores require immediate treatment, but are oftentimes unnoticed or unreported by staff members at nursing homes and care facilities because they do not seem serious or because the staff does not want to be bothered. Because without proper attention they can quickly become serious and even fatal, many residents are not transferred to hospitals for treatment of bedsores until it is too late.

Contact Experienced Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

If you have noticed untreated bedsores on a family member or loved one, you should call immediate attention to the issue. If you feel like this could be an instance of abuse or neglect, you should report the incident, as well as contact a nursing home abuse attorney. Experienced nursing home abuse attorneys have expertise in investigating cases of abuse and neglect and holding facilities and their staff accountable for the treatment they provide to residents.

It is unacceptable for vulnerable residents to be mistreated or neglected by the facilities and staff who are supposed to care for them. Contacting a nursing home abuse attorney who can assess your case for free and help to direct you to other resources where you can report the abuse, can be extremely beneficial for people who have noticed or experienced abuse but do not know what the next steps to take should be.

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