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Nursing Home Abuse in Pennsylvania

By Ilkhanoff & Silverstein  Dec. 11, 2013 11:00a

Families for Better Care is an organization devoted to promoting better nursing home care for the elderly across the nation. Its Nursing Home Report Cards ranks the quality of these facilities based on the percentages of those with deficiencies, severe deficiencies, verified complaints, staffing hours, and more. According to its latest Report Card for Pennsylvania, the state's overall grade is a "C" and its overall ranking is 26th. Pennsylvania scored an "F" in direct care staffing hours and direct care staffing hours above average. This means that, as a state, it is seriously understaffed in its facilities. It scored a "D" in RN staffing above average, a "C" in verified ombudsman complaints, and a "C" in percentage of facilities with deficiencies.

A congressional report released in 2012 showed that one out of three nursing homes in the U.S. are guilty of abuse or neglect of residents. This abuse is often directed at the elderly who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's as these patients are mentally incompetent, unable to clearly communicate, and forgetful. In an incident which was reported in late October of this year, a nursing home assistant in Delaware was found guilty of abusing and mistreating an 89 year-old dementia patient in her care. The nursing assistant apparently put a trash bag over the patient's head as the patient sat in a wheelchair. The nursing assistant lost her job and was placed on probation for six months, during which time she is prohibited from working in a facility that cares for the elderly. She may be prohibited from working in a facility that receives federal health care funds for at least five years. While some may consider this a fair result, others may feel that the nursing assistant should be banned from all future care for the elderly for life.

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