Latest News 2014 April Woman Arrested for Elder Abuse

Woman Arrested for Elder Abuse

A woman in the Kennesaw, Georgia area has reportedly been arrested in connection with an elder abuse matter. According to reports, the woman was arrested on charges of neglecting her mother. She was arrested after a warrant was issued when a doctor had not seen the elderly woman in years. The mother reportedly lost about 40 pounds over the time her daughter was caring for her.

Nursing home abuse and elder abuse are serious and common matters that should be stopped as soon as it is discovered. When you have a loved one in a nursing home or under another's care, you should be able to trust that they will be treated properly and cared for in every way possible. When licensed professionals do not do the job they say they will, then they should be held accountable for their actions of neglect.

A nursing home abuse lawyer will be able to protect your rights and make sure that the nursing home resident is properly cared for during this time. It's in your best interest to work with an attorney because they will know what to expect and how to handle your case. Please take some time today to contact a nursing home abuse attorney and begin discussing your case so that your loved one is safe again.

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