State Bar Associations

Find a Qualified Lawyer for Your Nursing Home Abuse Claim

Are you currently looking for a lawyer to help you take legal action against a caregiver or nursing home for abuse, mistreatment or negligence? If so, you may find it helpful to review the state bar records of any attorneys you are considering. Many state bar associations maintain directories of licensed attorneys in their states and also keep records of complaints or disciplinary actions taken against these attorneys. By conducting a search for a specific attorney you are considering hiring, you can determine whether they are licensed in the state and can also find out more about their background and whether they have had disciplinary actions taken or complaints filed against them.

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Does your attorney have a clean state bar record?

The legal guidance and representation you receive in relation to nursing home abuse or elder neglect may have a direct influence on your ability to make a difference and stop the mistreatment from continuing to occur. It may impact whether the at-fault party is brought to justice. That is why we recommend taking care in selecting the nursing home abuse attorney you choose to hire for your case. In addition to making a selection based off any criteria you feel are important, such as experience, past case results, training and client testimonials, you can review their state bar record.

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