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About Abuse and Negligence in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

Welcome to our Nursing Home Abuse Information Center. We created this portion of our website to offer basic information about elder abuse, neglect and mistreatment in nursing homes and assisted living facilities throughout the U.S. If you wish to learn more about these important topics, we welcome you to review the information you will find here. We believe that educating others on these matters can increase awareness and enable family members to more easily spot the signs of abuse or neglect before it's too late. You are also welcome to use our directory to find a local nursing home abuse lawyer who can address an immediate legal need.

The following are some of the key subjects discussed in our information center. You can read the brief overviews listed below or can click on the included links to be directed to a page on that specific topic:

Nursing Home Abuse
The term "nursing home abuse" broadly refers to virtually all types of abuse that occur to the elderly in nursing homes. It may also be used to describe acts of negligence and neglect, though these are technically different in that they involve unintentional acts or carelessness as opposed to intentional wrongdoing. Victims of nursing home abuse in the U.S. may have various legal options. In addition to facing criminal charges, perpetrators of elder abuse in nursing homes may face civil lawsuits filed by the elderly victims or their families. Click here to read more about nursing home abuse.

Nursing Home Negligence
Nursing home negligence generally refers to acts of neglect or unintentional wrongdoing in nursing homes. Some examples may include improper medical care, lack of proper hygiene, poor supervision and malnutrition. Negligence can be just as dangerous as abuse in nursing homes, and the injured should take immediate legal action to hold the responsible parties accountable for their conduct. Click here to read more about nursing home negligence.

Physical Abuse
Physical abuse is one of the most commonly known forms of elder abuse that affect patients and residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. This type of abuse may include virtually any type of physically abusive act committed against a patient or resident, such as hitting, striking, pushing, shoving, burning or unnecessarily restraining an elderly victim. Click here to read more about physical abuse.

Sexual Abuse
Elder sexual abuse occurs when a patient or resident of a nursing home is subjected to ill treatment that is sexual in nature. In addition to including forced or unwanted sexual contact or acts, it may include acts committed against a patient who is unable to give consent, as in a case of diminished mental or physical capacity or unconsciousness. Click here to read more about sexual abuse.

Emotional Abuse
Though not frequently considered when one thinks of elder abuse, emotional abuse can be just as harmful as physical abuse. Emotional or psychological abuse may include verbal threats and yelling as well as humiliating, embarrassing or isolating an elderly patient or resident. This type of nursing home abuse may lead to depression and withdrawal as well as an overall apathetic viewpoint on life. Click here to read more about emotional abuse.

Elder Neglect
When elderly patients and residents in nursing homes are neglected, this can lead to malnutrition, improper hygiene, bedsores and serious illnesses or injuries. Part of the standard level of care that nursing home caregivers are required to provide is proper attention, supervision, nutrition, hygiene and medical treatment. A failure to provide any of these may be considered elder neglect and may offer an injured victim grounds for a lawsuit. Click here to read more about elder neglect.

Financial Abuse
Financial elder abuse occurs when nursing home caregivers or others involved in an elderly person's life take action to fraudulently or forcefully obtain property and assets. The presence of a new "friend" or "lover" in an elder's life, a sudden change in a will or an unexpected transfer of property or money may all be indications of financial abuse. Click here to read more about financial abuse.

Wrongful Death
When nursing home abuse leads to the wrongful death of an elderly patient, this may provide the family with grounds to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party or parties. Taking action in this way can not only help the family cover medical expenses and funeral costs but can increase awareness of the wrongful acts that sometimes occur at nursing homes. Holding the responsible party accountable may also bring the family some peace of mind. Click here to read more about wrongful death.

Nursing Home Abuse FAQ
Looking for answers to some of your common questions about nursing home abuse, elder abuse and nursing home negligence? You can find helpful answers in easy-to-understand terms in this section of our website. Click here to visit our nursing home abuse FAQ page.

Choosing a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney
Selecting an attorney to help you with a nursing home abuse lawsuit is an important choice that you must make based on your own criteria and preferences. We have included a few helpful tips that can make choosing the right lawyer a bit easier; we welcome you to review these and to use our directory to compare local attorneys who may be able to assist you. Click here to read more about choosing a nursing home abuse attorney.

State Bar Associations
Your local state bar association may be able to provide you with helpful information relating to a specific attorney you are considering for an elder abuse claim or lawsuit. Some bar associations take disciplinary actions and maintain records of complaints against the attorneys licensed to practice in their states. Click here for a list of state bar association websites.

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In addition to reviewing the information contained in this website, we also recommend discussing your particular questions and concerns with a local attorney who handles nursing home abuse and elder abuse claims. In talking to a legal professional, you can find out more about these important matters specifically as they impact your case.

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