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Nursing Homes & Disease Prevention

As people age, their body's begin to atrophy in a variety of ways. Muscles shrink, bones become brittle, and things do not work like they used to. Unfortunately, this decay extends to the body's defensive capabilities. Older folks have a hard time staying healthy when a bug is going around. Moreover, when the elderly get sick, the disease will impact their frail bodies more than the average person's. This is why nursing homes should commit to safe care and treatment practices that protect residents from unnecessary exposure to disease. However, not all nursing staff and nursing homes are as proactive as they should be.

Nursing Home Negligence in Disease Prevention

Disease and bacteria can be rampant in nursing homes. The elderly can have a difficult time doing things on their own, which means nurses have to help them perform simple everyday tasks such as eating, brushing their teeth, blowing their nose, and going to the bathroom. While nurses have gloves and other medical devices to keep themselves sterile, not all nurses follow protocol.

Here are some examples of nursing staff practices that can spread disease:

  • Failing to change gloves after working with a patient
  • Not efficiently decontaminating utensils or tools
  • Bringing contaminated items out of a sick patient's room
  • Not recognizing the signs of ailments and taking necessary precautions
  • Not cleaning rooms or public areas

The Severity of Disease in Nursing Homes

When a disease sweeps across a nursing home, the results can be fatal. In fact, the spread of illness in nursing homes can end up killing hundreds of individuals whose bodies cannot handle the severe flu. Therefore, the nursing staff of an elderly home should make disease prevention a number one priority in the workplace. As mentioned, some nursing homes fail to commit to cleanliness and disease prevention. In these scenarios, a caring son or daughter should hold the nursing home accountable for abuse and/or neglect. If you need to hold nursing staff responsible for negligent disease prevention, hiring a nursing home abuse lawyer may be the first step toward a permanent solution.

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