Featured News 2016 Nursing Home Abuse Is Not Always Physical

Nursing Home Abuse Is Not Always Physical

When people hear the term "nursing home abuse," the images that first come to mind are often "physical abuse," such as hitting, squeezing, pushing, kicking and punching. While physical abuse is common in nursing homes, not all forms of nursing home abuse involve aggressive physical contact between the caregiver and the elderly resident.

Aggressive Behavior by the Staff

Typically, what happens is family members will visit their parent or grandparent in a nursing home, and even though the resident is 85 or 90, the family will notice that their loved one hasn't been themselves lately.

Perhaps their loved one is much less talkative than they used to be. Perhaps their loved one is unusually depressed or despondent, or uncomfortable. When the family goes to visit their loved one, they notice that the nursing home staff raise their voice and are aggressive when dealing with the elderly residents.

This behavior makes the family uncomfortable, and they ask themselves, "How do they treat my loved one when I'm not here?" The more the family asks their elderly loved one, the more sad stories they hear. For example, a grandmother may complain that the staff yells at here and threatens her and the other residents.

As the family's concerns grow, they begin to wonder if what they are hearing is true. They don't know how to begin, and whether or not they have a case for nursing home abuse.

Many People Suffer from Emotional Abuse

Many elderly residents suffer from emotional abuse that is not physical, but it's still equally damaging. Emotional abuse can include: threatening, name-calling, ridicule, derogatory remarks, putdowns, social isolation, ignoring the resident, and playing "mind games."

Emotional abuse is common and widespread in America's nursing homes, and should never be allowed in any nursing home. Even if abuse is not physical, there still may be grounds to file a case and receive much-deserved compensation.

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