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Causes of Elder Abuse & Neglect

Elder abuse and neglect our common and widespread problems, and the individual causes of elder abuse and neglect depend on various factors. Some of the factors relate to the attitudes of management, for example, when profits are paramount, nursing homes can have "loose" hiring practices, which fail to care too much about criminal records.

Sometimes a facility is in the habit of underpaying workers. The facility will hire just about anybody who's willing to work for low wages. When a facility fails to run background checks and fails to hire quality, caring people, it's the residents who pay the price.

For example, if a facility hires people with questionable pasts, the residents can become victims of financial exploitation, sexual and emotional abuse, and physical abuse. Another issues is poor training. It's not uncommon for a facility to hire low-wage workers and then not provide them with adequate training.

When a facility has poorly-trained caregivers and it's constantly short-staffed, it's a recipe for disaster. Many nursing homes are trying to make as much of a profit as possible, so they'll be frequently understaffed. When a facility is continuously short-staffed, it's impossible for staff to provide proper attention to the residents. Due to a lack of adequate staffing, some residents inevitably suffer neglect or abuse.

Understaffing is Dangerous for Residents

Understaffing can be extremely dangerous for nursing home residents. If a resident is restricted to a bed and cannot move around and they are neglected, they can develop bedsores and infections. If residents do not move around enough, they can become weak and lose muscle tone, and be more prone to falls.

When a nursing home is understaffed, it could mean the staff are exhausted and overworked. With so much stress, staff can become aggressive and lose their patience with residents, which increases the risk of abuse. Essentially, staff who are frustrated and overwhelmed are more likely to intentionally harm patients, especially if they are not of the highest moral character to begin with.

Do you suspect that your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect? If so, contact a nursing home abuse attorney to discuss filing a claim for compensation.

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