If a patient is not being looked at enough is that reason enough to sue a nursing home?

My dad is in a nursing home and usually when I stop by he is clearly not being given enough attention. When I complain the situation only seems to change for a few weeks and then it goes back to normal. He looks as if he is not being taken out of bed or even bathed a lot of the time. Can I sue the home for this?

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From what you described it sounds like a case of negligence may be occurring. In some situations it can be reason for a case to be brought against the nursing home. The residents in a home should be given quality care and when basic necessities such as their hygiene are overlooked, this is never acceptable. That does not mean it is always a clear cut reason to sue. You should meet with a lawyer to provide further detail into your situation. Negligence can often lead to further issues such as a physical injury or psychological trauma when a patient feels overlooked, forgotten about and unable to care for themselves when no one else it. The effects of negligence cannot be stressed enough and even if a legal suit is not brought against a home, action should still be taken to prevent against this. Many times a suit is necessary not just to gain compensation for the harm that was done, but to obtain justice for a wrongful act that has been done against a loved one. No one should have to suffer from negligence a legal case is often one of the best options to pursuing a resolution to a difficult situation.

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