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what are my rights being wrongly accused of elder abuse at a nursing home?

i have been suspended due to a accusation of abuse i was called in and questioned and signed my statements when i asked what i was accused of and for ...
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can I get the home to pay for the trip to the hospital their mistake caused?

My aunt is 72 years old and has a number of health issues. She is in a home and needs to take several medications to help reduce her symptoms. She was ...
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If a patient is not being looked at enough is that reason enough to sue a nursing home?

My dad is in a nursing home and usually when I stop by he is clearly not being given enough attention. When I complain the situation only seems to ...
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Does an abuse case have to be physical?

My grandma lives in a nursing home and even though she is almost 90, she does not seem to be herself lately. She has been much less talkative and ...
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What do you do if you see an elderly person in a home with bruising and think they might be abused?

I noticed bruising on their arms that seems like it more than just them bumping into something.I volunteer at the nursing home and am afraid that I ...
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My mom got a pressure ulcer from her nursing home. Is this grounds for a case?

My husband and I both work and can’t give my mom the attention she needs at her age. We put her in a home thinking she would get constant attention ...
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