Causes of Elder Abuse & Neglect

Elder abuse and neglect our common and widespread problems, and the individual causes of elder abuse and neglect depend on various factors. Some of the factors relate to the attitudes of management, for example, when profits are paramount, nursing homes can have "loose" hiring practices, ...
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Causes of Elder Abuse & Neglect
A Closer Look at Emotional Abuse
Alzheimer’s & Nursing Home Abuse
Protecting Nursing Home Residents from Each Other
Signs of Nursing Home Neglect
How is Alzheimer’s Connected to Abuse?
CDC Reports on Elder Abuse
Can a Nursing Home Be Sued for Negligence?
Nursing Home Employees With Criminal Records
Resident-on-Resident Abuse in Nursing Homes
Financial Exploitation in Nursing Homes
Nursing Home Abuse Is Not Always Physical

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Making the decision to place an elderly loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility is rarely taken lightly and is usually made to ensure that they can receive the level of attention and care they need. Unfortunately, some nursing homes provide substandard care and some caregivers are actually abusive or negligent in their treatment of elderly residents and patients. In these matters, it is crucial to find a competent attorney who can help you take legal action.

This website was created as a resource to help individuals and families across the U.S. find and compare nursing home abuse attorneys who can help them seek justice for their or their loved ones' injuries. You can also learn more about elder abuse in our Nursing Home Abuse Information Center and can read articles and blogs written by the lawyers in our directory. Armed with information and legal counsel, you can fight back against nursing home abuse and negligence.

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The Givens Law Group is a personal injury law firm serving the residents of Tampa, Florida. The attorneys at this firm have been nationally and locally recognized for the high bar of excellence that they set for legal representation. In fact, U.S. News has ranked this firm as one of the best law firms. They are also AV rated for high ethical standards and outstanding legal expertise. With ratings like this, you can trust this firm to deliver for you.

If an elderly loved one of yours has been abused or you think they may have been abused, then you have every right to seek legal help. Nursing home abuse is tragic, because the elderly need such a specialized kind of care and the very ones responsible for that care are causing them harm. Nursing home employees should always be held accountable for their actions so that justice can be served. This is why Givens Law Group handles cases of nursing home abuse. They want to help victims and see that they get the compensation they deserve.

No matter the type of abuse, whether physical or emotional, you may be entitled to a claim. Should you become a client of this firm, Givens Law Group is prepared to take on your case and advocate on your behalf. They won't back down until justice is served. You can trust that the high quality of this firm will work in your benefit as well, so if you have an elderly loved one that has undergone nursing home abuse, then don't wait any longer to contact an attorney from this firm.

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