Legal Action Following Nursing Home Abuse

When we take the elderly members of our families into nursing homes, we expect the best from them. However, statistics show that between 4% and 10% of people over 65 years suffer at least one act of mistreatment from people who are supposed to be taking care of them each year. In addition over 3 million people staying in nursing homes either suffer neglect or are abused each year. These statistics are sad and call for drastic action to prevent recurrence.

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With the help of Solicitors in Windsor, it is possible to prosecute those who engage in criminal activities against the elderly in nursing homes. Physical injuries as a result of abuse, theft and rape are some forms of abuse that may result in criminal prosecution. As a family, pursuing this ensures that other elderly people do not suffer in the hands of caregivers who do not care.

Restraining order

This legal action will prevent an abusive person from attending to your relatives or even coming near them. This can be used for caregivers who may have used language that is not acceptable but they have not harmed the person involved physically. Don't wait for one to injure your relatives before you can take action against them. If prevention is an option, use it well. This can also be used on prior abusers to prevent them from gaining access to the person they have been abusing.

Annulling illegal marriages

Some people may take advantage of the elderly people and strip them of their assets by arranging private weddings. As a family, you may move to court to annul such marriages especially of they were formed purely to defraud the elder and his family. As the family, you must prove that the person involved had ill intentions for the marriage to be annulled.

Court appointed guardianship

The court can appoint a close family member or friend to be in charge of the decision making process on behalf of an elderly person especially when an abusive individual had taken over. This is important for people who may not be in the right mind frame to make the best decisions.

Choosing amongst solicitors in Windsor

To enhance success, it is important to work with solicitors who not only specialise in cases involving abuse for the elderly either in nursing homes of otherwise but also have experience in the matter. Given that there are differences in law from state to state, you should work with someone who practices within your state. In addition to this, you should hire someone who charges reasonable fees but offers high quality services.

Under no circumstance should you tolerate abuse in nursing homes by the care givers. It is wrong and given the different legal reprieves available to you, you do not have an excuse to live with it. By taking action, you are helping more elderly people have quality care during their last days.