Nursing Home Inspectors Slow to Investigate Nursing Homes

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has been taking their time with investigations into nursing home abuse all throughout the county. Almost two years ago, the daughter of a nursing home patient visited her mother and discovered deep and ...
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Nursing Home Inspectors Slow to Investigate Nursing Homes
Nursing Home Uses Patient’s Money to Hire Strippers for Entertainment
Charged with Decade of Abuse, Nursing Home Had High State Rankings
Nursing Home Abuse and Estate Planning
Nursing Home Employment: A Major Reason for Abuse
Ten Nursing Home Employees Charged with Patient Neglect
State Nursing Home Under Investigation After 4 Residents Die of Possible Norovirus Outbreak
Two Charged with Video-Taping Abuse of Nursing Home Resident
One Third of Patients in Nursing Homes Harmed by Substandard Care: Government Report
Caring for Those with Diabetes in Nursing Homes
Self-Neglect as a Nursing Home Abuse
Bronx Nursing Home Employee Charged with Raping Patient

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Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

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Attorney Scott Distasio defines some of the reasons behind serious nursing home abuse cases.

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Making the decision to place an elderly loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility is rarely taken lightly and is usually made to ensure that they can receive the level of attention and care they need. Unfortunately, some nursing homes provide substandard care and some caregivers are actually abusive or negligent in their treatment of elderly residents and patients. In these matters, it is crucial to find a competent attorney who can help you take legal action.

This website was created as a resource to help individuals and families across the U.S. find and compare nursing home abuse attorneys who can help them seek justice for their or their loved ones' injuries. You can also learn more about elder abuse in our Nursing Home Abuse Information Center and can read articles and blogs written by the lawyers in our directory. Armed with information and legal counsel, you can fight back against nursing home abuse and negligence.

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If your loved one has suffered injury from abuse or neglect in a nursing home, you need to take action immediately to protect their rights and their future. At Weinstein, Scharf & Dubinsky, we have over 86 years of legal experience in personal injury law, and we are intimately acquainted with the laws that protect elderly people against nursing home abuse. The attorneys at our firm are highly experienced in personal injury law, and we will work tirelessly to help you defend your elderly loved ones.

Nursing home abuse can occur in a variety of subtle forms, and we can help you investigate any suspicions that you may have. We are passionate about helping others, and our work can be of great benefit to you and your family. Nursing home abuse may take the form of broken bones, unexplained wounds or bruises, bed sores, malnutrition, financial abuse or emotional abuse. When you contact our firm, we will take immediate action to help put a stop to the devastating effects of nursing home abuse.

A Ft. Lauderdale injury lawyer from Weinstein, Scharf & Dubinksy will provide high-quality customer support for a reasonable price. We will not ask you to pay a retainer fee up front, and we base our fees on a contingent fee agreement. This means that our earnings are based on a percentage of the recovery we make for you. Our firm will vigorously defend the rights of your loved one to ensure that the abuse ends and others are safe in the future as well. We believe there is no greater satisfaction than to see our clients recover the compensation they deserve for their hardships. Contact a Ft. Lauderdale medical malpractice attorney at the office today for a free consultation to discuss your suspicions of nursing home abuse or neglect.

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